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Larry Gray’s common sense guide to dieting and nutrition.

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Larry Gray’s simple common sense guide to dieting and nutrition.

First, we are all on a diet. Maybe planned, maybe not planned. Warning! But first I must say that If you are on a planned diet that you must be under the care of a qualified physician. Disclaimer! I’m not a doctor or a nutritionist or a dietitian, I’m just a guy with observations and opinions. Continue to read at your on risk as I give you my 2 cents worth of ideas in this book.

1.     Minimize intake of carbohydrates, starches and fats (combined form calories).

2.     Maximize to 100% of Daily Required Values of Protein, Minerals, Vitamins, Fiber.

3.     Get Exercise first from Work, 2nd from Play such as sports, especially outdoor sports, 3rd from a Gymnasium or fitness center.

4.     Fast occasionally, not as much for dieting as for discipline. Experience hunger pains. Use other forms of food self denial. Save some $$.

The Bad Stuff.

Here is how it goes. Starches (which are called complex sugars) become (simple) sugars (after being broken down by enzymes) and (simple)sugars become stored fat. Carbohydrates which are sugars become stored fat. Fat becomes stored fat. Get the picture?  Potatoes, Candy bars and Bacon turn into stored fat. Rice, pastas and breads, sugar waters such as Cokes and other sodas, sweet tea and sweetened coffee, vegetable oils or butter are stored as fats. I suppose since our body does store this energy in reserve, a minimal amount of fat is healthy and normal. But since the body is so good a storing this energy in mass quantities we probably need to avoid the foods it uses to produce this stored energy. Oh on a side note, alcohol can be stored as fat also. I’m not simply talking about alcoholic beverages which have carbs in them either. Alcoholic beverages with 0 carbs still have calories because of the alcohol alone which can be stored as fat. Most diets are some combination of limiting one or more of these 3 energy sources.  Oh and calories reflect the combination of these 3 energy sources in a food item.  Most adults need around 2000 calories a day, but this varies from person to person with age and activity. Most nutritional labels give you information about fats, carbs and calories. Starches are reflected in calories on nutrition labels. However,  our body burns energy directly from fats and carbs but not starches. Starches are converted to carbs and then burned. Or starches are converted to stored fat after being converted to carbs first. For diabetics at least carbs from fruits (fructose) are better than processed sugars.  The math is simple however, you have a given amount of energy burned for the amount of energy needed for the daily activities. Any energy taken in above this amount needed is surplus. If you burn more energy than was taken in it is a deficit.  If you have a deficit then the needed energy is taken from the body itself, first from fats, probably second from muscle and probably third from organs. This is so that we don’t actually die after going 3 days without food as we would going three days without water. We can last up to 30 days or more without food.  Saying it another way, we have an average daily energy need or demand and an average daily energy intake.  If the average intake is less than the average need, then we burn fat. If the average intake is greater than the average need then we gain fat and weight. If its the same then we remain the same weight.  In attempting to avoid these high energy foods we would most likely get enough of the rest of what our body requires, the good stuff.

The Good Stuff

Vitamins, can get this from supplements of course. However it has been suggested that you should try to get vitamins and minerals from foods because there may be vitamins or minerals that have yet not been discovered. Fiber can be taken as a supplement but from what I have seen its not cheap. Fiber usually comes from salad type veggies or cooked veggies. Beans are high in fiber and protein yet have carbs as well. Protein is easy to  get from foods. Green veggies and green leafy plants have protein.  Legumes which are beans have protein. Nuts have protein. Grains and breads have some proteins. Meats and Dairy products have protein. The average adult needs around 50 grams of protein per day. Research to see exactly what your needs might be. If you go over your maximum proteins, toxins may build in the body. So be under the care of a physician if you plan to go over 100% DVA. There was a liquid protein diet in the 1980’s that killed a few  women who were drinking nothing but liquid protein for their only food source. Rice and beans together form a complete protein which is equivalent to what you would get from meats. Of the animal proteins, white meats such as fish and foul are considered healthier than red meats such as pork and beef.  Lastly read the nutrition labels on everything you buy from the grocery store.

Work and play

All of us work at something. Some things that we do increase our heart rate and stress our breathing and circulatory system. This is called cardiovascular exercise. You usually check your heart rate by counting beats per minute to see how well you have stressed your system. 60 BPM is resting, 120 BPM is high stressed. Other work is fairly light and very repetitive and actually can tear down muscle. This builds endurance. Its also called muscle toning.

And lastly fewer repetitions of heavier loads and demands builds muscle.  All depending on what your goals are you may prefer tone to muscle mass.  Either way, all these activities burn up energy. If we are reducing the bad stuff and at the same time increasing the exercising then we burn fat reserves even faster.  Most jobs burn some fat via work of some sort. Some jobs more than others. I am somewhat adverse to exercising just for the sake of exercising. I like to get my exercise on a job or via hobbies or work around the house and homestead. But I’d say we all need some supplemental exercise via exercise routines. A good start is the military pushups, situps and running or bicycle riding and swimming.  Beyond that weight training. Lastly the Gym with its machines. But I much prefer to get my exercise via hobbies and sports. Especially outdoor sports such as hunting, fishing, rock climbing, caving, hiking, running, walking, bike riding, swimming, canoeing. When you get exercise in these ways the time just seems to fly by. But also on the homestead there is much work that can also be enjoyable, such as gardening, lawn care, animal husbandry, landscaping, cutting wood, splitting wood. The lesson is that if you want to eat everything you see and stay fit, you must pay for it in work.


Fasting means eating literally nothing. The only thing you should intake is water and any medications needed. This flushes out the system. It also causes you to have hunger pains. We can all endure hunger pain. I suppose you have heard that fish do not have hunger pain or fullness and will eat until they pop. Yes they will, just overfeed some tropical fish sometime in your aquarium and watch.  But the point is they can’t rely on their bodies alone to tell them or not tell them what is proper when it comes to eating, and neither can we. We must take the hunger pains as a suggestion only.  Just like endurance for muscular pain in exercise you can teach yourself endurance for hunger pain. Just make up your mind occasionally that you are going to save some $$ and not eat for a period of time.  Once you make up your mind to set aside a period of time, force yourself to be committed to it.  I like to use ¼ day periods of time. Such as noon to midnight or midnight to midnight or day and a half or whatever.  I have fasted 3 days before. Try increasing the time the next time you fast.  Aside from complete fasting you might also try doing without all foods except say peanut butter for a period of time. Might only use 0 carb drinks while fasting. This is not fasting but it is self denial. It saves money as well. You would also note how good nutritionally healthy foods taste after fasting. Such as corn without butter and salad veggies without dressing.  Cake without icing. Triskets without cheese. Cereal without frosting.  Also eating makes a person lazy and tired sometimes.  So doing without can give you a needed boost for work which will in turn burn more calories. Don’t overdo it though. Our bodies do need the energy for work. However if you have fat reserves, your body will get its required energy from there first if it has no other source.

One more note. When fasting completely a person not only looses fat but also a percentage of muscle. Might want to increase protein the day before and after a fast to help make up for the loss of muscle a bit. This is also why fasting for dieting is not recommended by nutritionist. I would suggest some days where you nearly fast yet try to get near 100% of your protein. A couple of chicken breast, baked fish, canned tuna will do the trick. Some of the protein bars I’ve seen have way too much caramel in them. Protein bars are a good option as well though.

Fasting is a good spiritual exercise for those who are religious. I say more in the religion  section.

About fat Cells.

One last note about Fat.  This is my hypothesis from all I have read and heard. I have not scientifically backed this idea up. I think that when we first begin burning up fat reserves it simply means the fat cells are being emptied. Like a balloon being deflated. The cells do not go away for some period of time, but remain wanting to be refilled. As a matter of fact the body may signal the brain to refill the depleted fat reserves as if it were very very important. This is why some people go on a diet and loose the fat then drop the diet and gain it right back fairly quickly. I think the only way to get rid of the fat cells is liposuction or long term weight loss with no regain. I think its possible that after a long period of time without refilling a cell that it goes away. We do know and it is true that if you don’t use a muscle for a long period of time it goes away. This is called atrophy.  But like I say, I don’t have any proof that fat cells go away.

About women and food and fat.

One note also about women and fat.  In nature when female animals get stressed they actually produce hormones which cause them to desperately seek high energy food. This is a survival thing. Female animals under stress will crave the fattiest portions of the kill. I wonder if this has carried over to human females in the modern world where you no longer are running for your life in a wilderness when under stress. So women really need to watch out for stress related eating.  Also I have also recently heard of a diet plan under a physicians care where a woman is given some of the same hormones which they have during pregnancy. This triggers the body to feed a baby that isn’t there to feed. It thereby depletes the fat reserves attempting to feed this non existent baby. This works to quickly reduce fat reserves but unless there is a lifestyle change the fat may come back.  Its the same for all other forms of obesity treatments such as liposuction or removing stomach or stomach stapling. Also you have been told that when pregnant that you are eating for 2? Hold on there! Its really only 1.1!

For Men

And for men, uh grow a pair and endure some hunger pains in fasting. Survivor man Les Stroud went 7 days with no food on some of his shows. He said a body can only go 7 days without eating so many times in a year and it begins to take its toll on you.  So 7 days might be a extreme case. However,  No pain no gain!

Religion and obesity.

As I stated above in the section on fasting that religions teach to fast. Probably because its a great way to teach endurance for pain. Some religions also teach to stay away from some of the fattier foods such as pork. I love pork but if you do eat pork, its best to avoid the pork fat, unless of course you need the energy in your work routine. From the Christian perspective, God seems to favor and reward those who can and will fast. Its because of the training of the spirit. Saying no to hunger is very similar in saying no to many other suggestions our bodies have for us in many areas of our lives. So its a good learning metaphor or analogy and exercise.  The same God that created pleasure also created pain and suffering. It is written, “He who can suffer in the body is through with sin.”. Also, “Should we expect to experience pleasure and yet no suffering?” Also, “ Man shall work by the sweat of his brow all the days of his life.” Also, “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes forth from the mouth of God.” Also there are a few scriptures that speak negatively about this thing called Gluttony and Gluttons. Gluttony is a deadly sin under the catholic tradition. And in fact it literally can be, in the form of Heart disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Stroke.  Jesus says, “The kingdom of heaven is within us.” Its a kingdom of self-control.  I think the key is in never giving up by always trying. We simply must try. And this is what diatitions are calling “life style changes”. We must always try.

Mmmmm.. Bean Sprouts, so tasty.
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3 responses

  1. I noticed you completely ignored the concept of glycation. Addressing carb reduction while ignoring glycation is like telling someone how to cook with out giving ingredients.

    Glycation may be the single most damaging thing done to the body by diet and food. Push insulin over 18 micro liters and guess what, all fat burning stops, AGEs begin to form, they break down to permanent plaques in the body and do tremendous damage long term to our health.

    The science is solid, I challenge you to read, “The Glycation Factor” by Dr. Gregg Ellis, I will even send you a free copy if you promise to read it cover to cover.

    December 8, 2011 at 11:21 am

    • Sure I’ll take a free book, and I read most books I have cover to cover.

      December 8, 2011 at 4:46 pm

  2. food lovers fat loss diet seems interesting.

    Here is a system for $120, it actually appeals to me. Basically they are saying if you eat the right portions and combinations and snack inbetween meals to keep your insulin levels right your body will stay in a fat burning mode. According to the Paleo diet if you spike insulin with carbs your body stops burning fats. Now they are saying that if you have periods of hunger where your insulin drops to low or very low levels then your fat burning stops. I have no idea how much of this is true or right but there may be something to this.

    July 6, 2012 at 2:07 am

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