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Critter Gitter Bag

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Below is a list of items for what in bushcraft is known as a Critter Gitter bag. Some of these items are illegal except in certain situations, such as in certain locations on your own private land etc. Snares are illegal almost everywhere because they catch dogs and cats as well as everything else. This is called an indiscriminate method of trapping. Gill nets are illegal in most cases but trot lines are not. Use of poisons and intoxicants for fishing is illegal in most cases. Why are some methods illegal? Because they work too well. However on your own land you may find that most if not all of this is legal at nearly any time. You may want to make this up without the illegal items for standard use and with them for SHTF use.

  • 3-3 piece arrows.
  • arrow tips
  • sling shot/sling bow
  • shot (.32 cal balls)
  • snare wire for snares and deadfalls
  • other cordage
  • large mouse traps
  • fishing yoyos
  • coon cuffs
  • gill net
  • trot line (18 feet with 12 1 foot drops) with small trebble hooks and dry bait. This will be the lighter catfish line and 8 lb mono line for drops.
  • large trebble hook to make 3 prong gig point
  • knife to make spear
  • clove oil (fish intoxicant)
  • polk weed berry juice (fish poison)
  • ground up green black walnut shells (fish poison)
  • other common fishing tackle for pan fishing (hooks, white grubs, silver spoons, fly’s, line, sinkers, floats)
  • fishing line (8 lb)
  • razor blade
  • flint knap kit sold here
  • very small fishing multi tool
  • small finger nail clippers
  • few small nails for bait anchors and setting up some types of deadfalls
  • binoculars or telescopic monocular for inspecting traps from distance to keep human sent away from traps.
  • copy of the 350 page brown cover trappers bible

If I added any kind of blow gun to this kit it would include the use of poison darts. Blow guns are not very effective without poisons. When you use blow gun with poisons you are playing the rattle snake game. This is the way he hunts. Though he has an advantage of heat sensing when tracking his prey. This may be one reason this method is illegal, because its hard to track prey after you poison it.

Making the 3 piece arrows shouldn’t be too difficult. If you are already an archer then you may have bent and broke arrows that you can use. Otherwise cut a standard arrow into 3 pieces. Get the end tip inserts with female threads(4 of them). Get two or 3 machine bolts that fit into these inserts. Screw a bolt into an insert and mark the threads next to the insert. This shows the center position. Then cut the bold head off equal distance from center. Use the bolt as a handle when gluing the insert into each end of the arrow piece. Use hot glue to glue in the insert. The arrow should be relatively aligned and straight because of the inserts. This will add weight and inflexibility to the arrow. And you may not want to shoot this arrow from high powered bows. It should work fine from the sling bow.

A sling bow is a sling shot that has or can be converted easily into a device for shooting full length archery arrows. There is an attachment for the sling shot for holding the arrow and the rubber bands are lengthened. Search the web for more info and videos. There is a video on you tube of a guy in Hawaii taking a hog with one. I have a friend that claims his son is almost good enough shot with one to take a deer, we will see.

Recommended Books
Trappers Bible

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  1. October 28, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    • how to make a take down arrow “3 piece”

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  2. October 28, 2012 at 8:07 pm

    • taking a hog in Hawaii with a sling bow

      October 28, 2012 at 8:09 pm

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