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Long Pool(Big Piney Creek) Nov 12th

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We will be camping at Long Pool on Monday Nov 12th.

These maps I will print out and have on hand in my emergency kit vest.

I’m not totally sure where we will camp just yet, but I’m betting just down stream from Long Pool camp grounds to the south. This time maybe I can build a swamp bed from sturdy dried poles and sticks. Its illegal to cut live trees, and probably a real swamp bed should be made from green branches and small trees. Dead wood is likely to break and also will probably have insects in it. Deer Gun season will probably be in. So we will have to wear hunter orange.

Above: Henry AR7 .22 — 3 Lbs
I may try to hunt with the 22 or 410. I will try to fish with the yoyo’s and the trot line. I expect to have better luck on Big Piney Creek as I doubt the pools totally dried up this last summer during the heat wave and drought. Its raining today the day before this trip but I expect the rain to be gone by tomorrow night. It will be damp up there which is good, we can burn a camp fire. Arkansas Burn Ban Map

Above:Rossi Tuffy 410 — 3 Lbs

Its looking like the low may be just below or above freezing tomorrow night. The elevation there is about 600 feet. Will be partly cloudy. Its raining today so I expect dampness but no or little rain tomorrow. The creek will be up a little. Looks like we will have almost no moon light. Sunset is at 5:12PM and sunrise 6:52AM. I am going to try to take a few low light photos this time. It looks like I can set a 4sec exposure time. This also shuts off the auto flash.

This time for sure I’d like to cook some corn bread in my hobo dutch oven. I may want to try some bread made from scratch too using baking powder. If I can’t get powdered egg I may pack frozen beaten egg in zip locks.

I will try out the Walmart Hammock and use my tarp over that in a tent fashion. I do have a mosquito net but I won’t need it this time of year.

We began this trip hiking down to an old road that thought would go to a place called Slant Rock just downstream from long pool. Indeed it did, it was not the road I recalled from 20 years ago. 20 years ago we drove a small Chevy S10 down to the slant rock itself. Today a 4 wheeler would not make it a 100 feet. The road was washed in several places revealing huge rocks and sharp drops. Logs were down across the road in several locations. When we got to slant rock I found the old parking area and fire ring. There was some trash and refuse in and around the fire ring. The huge 120 foot oak tree we used to swing from was now dead. No way to swing from Slant Rock as we did 20 years ago. The pool was also much larger, though this is winter so the water may be up. There was a nice looking area on the opposite bank with a fire ring and a tree and rope for swinging into the water there. We talked about going over there which would mean wading the stream in a shallow crossing.

We then went back to the vehicle and into the official camp site. They have a primitive camping area, which is where you camp next to a vehicle with a tent. I had almost decided to camp there but there were no clear trails heading up stream and it would be impossible to wade across there. So we would be locked into camping there and going no where. Also there was this guy working for the park running a leaf blower, clearing leaves from the camp area pavement. That kind of ruined the primitive atmosphere.

Finally I said after we had paid $7 for the primitive camping area that I wanted to go back and cross Big Piney where we had talked about and end up at the camping site/swimming site on the other bank. That’s what we did. Later Ahsen showed up looking for us. He said he went all the way down to Slant Rock looking for us around dark. He would have seen our fire for sure. He said he could not find us. I think we may have heard him yelling for us, but it was faint and sounded a long distance away.

This next image is a photo from Slant Rock to the camping area where we camped
on the other bank.

The dead tree here is the monster oak we used to swing from 20 years ago. Sadly that is no longer an option.

The next 3 photos are of Long Pool Swimming area itself. And the next 2 are the cliffs above long pool. Then back to the Slant Rock area as we head to the camp site.

Here we are crossing on the way to camp. The water was about a foot deep. The next day the water had risen over night by about half a foot. If it had risen any more it would be almost to swift to wade.

The first image of Slant Rock and the old dead oak from the camping area.
One photo of the rope swing and a few of the camping area itself. It is very clean here for almost an acre or more. We assumed that all undergrowth and wood has been consumed in camp fires. We had to move go about 100 to 200 feet to find wood for the fire. Steve used my Gerber machete with saw back edge to saw a 7″ log in two. It was partly rotten but still tough to saw in two. He was trying to cut the stump off so that all 3 of us could move the log up to the fire.

We were lucky there were two log cross sections that we could use as chairs there
by the fire ring. Next we see a couple of photo’s of the tarp/hammock setup I put up. The tarp in this case was more to block wind on the underneath side of the hammock. The sky was so clear I expected no rain. But this setup would have shielded my hammock from light rain at least.

I setup a trot line in this next photo location and two yoyo’s I baited them with trout bate. But when I pulled them up the next day the trout bate was gone, same as it was at Richland creek. I think either the bait became soft and melted off the hooks or minnows ate the bate. I had white grubs on the hooks as well. There was no sign of fish other than minnows. A person might need a boat and some bass fishing rigs to catch anything this time of year.

I began to start the fire with flint/steel and char cloth. Steve became inpatient and threw a fuel tab and some alcohol accelerant on it.

In the next 5 or 6 night photo’s I tried out my camera’s 4 second exposure time. It had some nice results. I do now want a camera that can do 30 second exposure or more.

Night sky.

Here I show the use of the alcohol burner in front of the fire in the cooking of
Backpackers pantry Apple Cobbler. The crust for this turned out to be more like dumplings. But it was good. We ate fake pork ribs as well. Tang and Tea and hot cocoa as well.

Next a few photos of me waking up from the hammock. This was a $26 Hammock from the Walmart camping section and I have to say that it is a good hammock. Its not as good as the Hennessey Hammock but then again it didn’t cost $300.

I woke to start the fire while the other two were still in the sleeping bag and tents. So I was uninterrupted as I began the fire with flint/steel and char cloth. First you must prepare some good tender of varying sizes. Use your knife to get some shavings from sticks. Get some charcoal from the last fire ready. And anything else that would make good tender. It took some blowing on the char cloth and placing tender on it and blowing again but after a few minutes it was hot enough to make a flame. The flame went out a few times, each time I had to blow a bit on it to get the flame started again until enough of the larger stuff began to burn.

Next 3 images of the corn bread I cooked in the Hobo Dutch Oven. It worked great. I
now know that I can easily cook breads in a camp fire. The hobo dutch oven is very light and I think I can pack it any time. Though its probably a cooking technique that should be used more when camping from the BOV or ATV.

I think next time until summer I will forget the trot line or even pole fishing. The yoyo’s are easy to set out though so I may put 2 to 4 of them out. On just an overnight camping trip like this there is no real time for hunting either. I may go hunting the morning before or day before to try to get some game that I can clean and bring to camp.
The lesson so far is that if you intend to live off the land make sure you stop by the grocery store first. Even Survivor Man Les Stroud goes almost 7 days eating nearly nothing in some shows.

I heard crows calling in the morning and possibly a squirrel chattering. I’ve heard varying responses to the eating of crows. Some say they are fine to eat, most of their diet is not carrion. But other seem to think that crows are just short of buzzards. I compare the crow to the catfish. We heard distant coyotes late at night as usual.

I tried starting a fire with the 4.5″ magnifying class I got at Walmart for $1 but it didn’t work, just wouldn’t get the least bit hot, though it does create this bright spot on whatever you direct the light at. I’m quite sure the 8.5×11 Fresnel lens would have worked fine. Its looking like that Fresnel lens is the one solar fire starting method to pack. I’d definitely have on in the BOV at all times.


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