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Hurricane Creek Natural Bridge Dec 19th

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We didn’t go this day we went to Rock Creek instead. This post will be for a future trip now, maybe in January.

It looks like we changed plans and will camp at Hurricane creek maybe really close to this natural bridge. Its about a 2 mile hike in to this bridge. So I will be packing lighter than on previous trips. There is a 20% chance of rain that night. It will be overcast or partly cloudy. Sunrise just after 7am, sun set 5pm. We will need to be parked and hiking just after noon that day. There will be no moon at night, probably will be dark night. High of 66, low of 45 in the river valley. I expect it will be colder on Hurricane creek. And usually this time of year its much colder.

This location is at about 1000 foot elevation. It is about 50 miles from Russellville. Hurricane creek is a major tributary of the Big Piney creek.

Above we see the Ozark Highlands trail which passes right by the natural bridge. I’m sure thats how we will be hiking in to this location.

And above I show where it is in relation to Russellville and Clarksville.


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