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5 areas of concern in wilderness survival.

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A guy from 180 Tack.com inspired this post. Below is a list of his
survival areas of concern in order of concern. The interesting thing to note is that fire was #5.

  1. Exposure
  2. Shelter
  3. Water
  4. Food
  5. Fire

Exposure has to do with covering the body and keeping it from wind, cold, moisture in winter (possibly sun) and heat or sun in the summer. Clothing plays a huge role here. Poncho may be needed. Insulation in layers. Sun glasses and sun block in winter snowy areas. I have experience -20f with wind near Chicago and I can tell you that you must have all exposed skin covered or it will begin to go numb in minutes. In summer shade, sun screen or earth covering and ground temps may be in order.

Shelter has to do with added protection from wind, rain, cold in winter and heat or sun in summer. Shelter can be anything from tarps, to space blankets, to tents, to ponchos to tube tents to lean-to’s made from brush to caves or burrows in summer. Don’t underestimate the power of the ground to cool you in summer. Just a few feet below ground is 40f to 70f year round temps. Its a perfect natural air conditioner that’s everywhere.

Water of course is water or moisture. Needed to avoid heat stroke, dehydration and in avoiding hypothermia. Know your wilderness water sources. Plants are better sources than solar stills.

Food can mean small amounts of food to give small burst of energy and stave off some hunger. Pine trees alone can provide much. I feel that winter is a very tough time to survive if you didn’t bring food with you. Finding nut trees might be your best hope. Hunting critters will be a better food source in winter but its not easy. In spring, summer and early fall the buffet opens up. Especially with fishing. Hunting is easier. Plants are abundant.

Fire is good for sanitation of water and heating the body. Fire should not be the main concern when thinking of warming the body. If you worry too much about getting a fire going other more important things may be neglected. Fire is best used in shelters or at shelter entrances. Know how to use bow and drill but don’t depend on it. That method takes practice. One note on that method is that one should use the same type of wood for both bottom plate and drill. A better plan would be to carry flint and steel striker on your belt somehow along with some char cloth. A money belt could hold some char cloth. The buckle if made of carbon steel could be the striker or a carbon steel knife as a striker. All that is needed is a place to keep the flint rod. Maybe in the sole of a shoe as long as you know it to be secure.


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