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12 Guidelines for Realistic Prepping From TSP

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The Survival Pod Cast
Off Grid Net

12 Planks of Modern Survivalism Pod Cast from TSP

  • Prepare for success and failure, for bad times and good times.
    Jack says “Those that prepare for only the only bad times are as wrong as those that prepare only for the good times. ” or “Those that prepare only for failure are as bad as those that only prepare for success”
  • Get rid of debt. Though Jack allows mortgage or possibly business or possibly auto debt if its a wise purchase in the right situations. Dave Ramsey also talks much about this.
  • Grow, harvest, store  and eat your own food.
  • Reduce your tax burdens, take full advantage of write offs. However I must say don’t buy something just because its a write off. Write offs are only good if they are expenses you are going to have to have in the course of business. Why would you spend(lose) $100,000 to save only $1000. But if you actually need and can use what you buy for $100,000 then fine. Also a Dave Ramsey tenet.
  • Invest in stored food. Can goods, Dried goods etc. Some as insurance but some that you will eat regularly.
  • Learn about how to prioritize possibly emergencies or crisis based on probabilities. Prep for more common possibilities first.
  • Going green is not just for hippies and I recognized this before I even heard of Jacks pod cast or preppers and prepping. Its for preppers and survivalist also. This lead me to much of my study and many of the early blog post I wrote. If a side benefit is in being good stewards of the environment then great.
  • Become a land owner. Should be more than an urban lot.
  • Utilize practical prepping. Use common sense even though its not all that common. Maybe listen to common sense? Which is what I try to do. Don’t be too fanatical maybe?
  • Practice self defense.  Have the tools available and within easy access. I hear that Oklahoma just passed allow open carry law. I’ve always heard open carry was allowed in Texas but get conflicting reports from locals there. I’ve heard its allowed in Montana and know its allowed in Virginia.
  • Have the proper documentation on hand for any prepping need. Including written plans and other information. How many people used to keep numbers for fire, police and doctors handy for example?
  • Develop and customize your own plan to fit your needs and situation.

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