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Java Accounting Ledger V2

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I will work this article up over the next few days about The simple free accounting app version II. This project may be found at Source Forge Java Ledger Project

A simple free accounting app I wrote. is the first post about this app.
It describes the data files. I have not changed the data file format so I won’t repost that info here.

What I have done is in upgrading the console interface significantly. Now we have a screen that is 90 columns wide and about 40 rows long. Instead of scrolling the console you now use the arrow keys to scroll a table on the report screen. Escape exits the report screen.

I’m not sure what happened here but some of these screen shots were changed in the upload. At any rate they give you an idea of what the app displays for you. Keep in mind I’m writing this app for a programmer, me. And its functional at this point. I only reads two data files and then presents these reports.

You will notice some of these are blurry.This is because wordpress resized the images
to fit the articles column width. I made them links to the full size images, simply click to view in full size on any image. Also after you bring up the image you get a zoom mouse pointer, click again to get max size.

These first two are of a balance sheet for a single month.

These next two show a multi column balance report for 5 months.

The next two show chart of accounts.

The next 3 are a journal report for a single month showing day to day transactions.

The last screen shots are Ledger account reports for different accounts.

These last two are ledger account reports for same account different months.


After downloading the ledger.zip file from sourceforge unzip it in a temp folder.
You should already have Java installed and the system PATH variable set to include the jdk/bin folder. Google for that if you do not understand how to do that. I show here
the folder structure. I show changing directories to the accounting/bin folder. I then
list the .bat(batch) files. The batch files contain examples of command line commands for getting various reports. They also function to get certain reports as is by running them. First you must run the classpath.bat file which will setup the jcurses and jdom libraries for use. You must run that batch file first! Then in the bin folder you may
run any of he other batch files to generate reports.

Two of the batch files take arguments. ledger.bat and journal.bat. Ledger takes Month Year and account number in format mmmyyyy ###. journal.bat takes Month Year in format mmmyyyy. You can edit the journal.xml file and accounts.xml file. You can set it up for yourself and customize it for your accounting situation and use it as is.

I admit there are some things that still need to be fixed in the reports. However the data is accurate and useful.


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