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Zai Square Foot Gardening 3

These first images were taken somewhere around 6/10/13 by Gary’s wife Rachel Tuck. Also got a few of our beloved guard dog Shasta.

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Here we have 3 volunteer tomatoes and a volunteer squash. These had sprouted up from the compost pile where scraps had been tossed.

The rest of the photos in this article where taken on 6/20 6/21.

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The Survival Pod Cast A great pod cast I listen too and recommend.
Off Grid Net A good forum I use.

This next one is the corn/bean box. I first planted 3 types of corn and green beans. I think I planted too shallow. Much of it didn’t come up. This time in I planted more corn deeper about 1″ and a different kind of bean, purple lima maybe. I did this to fill in the dead space.

I have a feeling I was planting everything too shallow. First, this soil mix is loose so plants will find their way up. 2nd, its dry because its loose if not watered daily. So the first 1/2″ really dry’s out badly. Especially in the mounds.

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Next I show digging and mixing. I dug two 1’x1′ hole and one 2’x3′ hole. This is the first time I dug a 2’x3′ hole. This is more efficient overall. Also I want to reserve the 1’x1′ holes for plants that require 1 for 1f2 or more than 1f2. If plants can be planted more than one per square foot then 2×2 or 2×3 or 3×3 holes might be a better way to go. In the 2×3 hole I planted sugar beats and reddish lima beans. The digging was tougher this time to go deeper. That clay layer at about 6″ deep had really hardened up.

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Next I show the fish I caught while gardening. It reached a point where I couldn’t keep a worm on a hook, so I stopped for 30 minutes and caught most of those. One is a 1lb bass of some type. One small one was a crappie I think. One larger one was a sun perch. The rest were bream. I really need to get a worm bed started. I need to use about 5″ of my soil mix covered by cardboard, wood, insulation and such. Though I’m finding worms in the yard waste compost but not so much in the manure. I find lots of grubs in either, but more grubs in the manure. I have not had much luck catching anything on a grub yet the grubs seem to be eaten off the hooks.

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These next photos are of fishing bank locations where I trimmed the weeds down low. I trimmed paths to the bank fishing spots. The one with the chair and bucket is where I caught the fish this day.

A couple of wide view shots of the garden.

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Some shots of herbs that were planted. The herbs do not seem to be
thriving yet.

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Next I show the irrigation system I have begun. I bought one 100 gallon stock tank used $50. One 30 gallon stock tub $34. Three 50 gal white rain barrels $15 ea. We can remove a plug from the stock tank and gravity flow to the plants. We can for now siphon from the 50 gal drums and dip from the 30 gallon tub.

The above image is a 1″ clear water pump, 4 cycle, 1.5 hp, 1850 gph $155. I also picked up 100′ of black plastic pipe $30, other fittings $15, and quick connects for both sides $17. So far we have around $300 into the irrigation system.

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I planted 4 types of pepper plants in 4 square feet.

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In these photos I planted carrots again, the ones I planted last time didn’t even come up. I figure they were too shallow and too dry. I planted sugar beats, beans, onions, sun flowers and flowers. Flowers are for attracting pollinators.

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Sunflowers, some were planted in the top of the compost pile just to see how they might do and they all came up well. I may transplant them next time I’m in.

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Here I transplanted squash and cucumbers. A few minutes after the transplant they laid over completely. About an hour later they where standing back up and looking well.

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Tomatoes doing well.

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All vine seeds came up, about 99% germination on those. I am very happy with the vine plants. I may need to do thinning next time I’m in.

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Misc, okra, radishes, spinach, path to/from garden.

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