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Zai Square Foot Gardening 4

This is middle of July report and will be the end of July report.

I shot these in a hurry and some came out blurry. I’m also a poet and didn’t know it, just now lol.

I inspected the corn box, some of the corn I planted last time was beginning to poke upwards but was being shaded by the beans. The beans are thriving. Some of the sun flowers are coming up next to the corn box. Some other flowers I planted are coming up.

The carrots didn’t come up again. No luck with carrots this year or onions from seed.

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Okra is doing well, 2 of the 4 pepper plants are doing well. Next time in I will transplant some okra. Radishes did well so far. All vine plants doing well. Tomatoes doing well so far. All herbs died. Lavender died. One sunflower has a flower head and I forgot to get a pic. All the Marigolds are doing well and flowering but are not growing larger yet. Sugar beats didn’t come up. Either its too warm for germination or the seeds that were left over from last year are bad.

I’m still hoping to plant pumpkins. I will be planting cold weather stuff probably middle to end of august.

We are watering every day in the evenings by pumping from pond.

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I have a new idea about how to setup the 50 gal rain barrels. Gerry Cerda gave me an idea. He said I should make a X leg style frame and put the barrel on its side in the top part of the X. I’m also thinking that if I make the X large enough I can place some bendable sheet material on top of the barrel and X for rain catch. With the barrel on its side I can easily add a facet tap at the bottom. I can use the larger hole on top for filing or cut a hole on top, which is where the rain would come in anyway. Each barrel done this way will collect about 10 to 12 gallons in a 1 inch rain.

Here is an idea I have for an elevated hot box. Next year I may have this ready to go before early spring. The idea is that you can start plants earlier as if you are planting from seed one growing zone to the south. Then transplant young plants. This only works for certain plants that can take being transplanted. But it can save a lot of money. I found the trays on the internet for 82 cents per tray. Each tray has 6×9 holes. I could start about 500 to 1000 plants in this one hot box.

This next set is August 3rd photos. I installed some steel post around the corn box so that I may if needed wrap it in chicken wire to protect it from coon invasion. I think I transplanted some okra. The okra pulled up so that it was basically plant and main root with almost no dirt. I transplanted two together this way into square foot holes. Later photos show that they did survive the transplanting. Okra is a plant that is about as hardy as a weed. Carrots didn’t seem to come up but later I seem to see some carrot like plants in that mound. I’m waiting to see if something comes of the carrot seed I planted. I actually think the carrot soil might be better off a bit more sandy.

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