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Zai sqaure foot garden 5 End of Summer

This is August 16th and 17th. All I had time for here is to take some photos. I did get one meal out of it and a bit more this time in. I will show you first the food that was picked and prepped and cooked. I had tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, banana pepper, green beans and Lima type beans.

Next I show you some photos of some brush clearing work around the pond side of the garden. This was on the south west and south eastern sides/corners of the garden. We are trying to open it up more to morning and afternoon sun. I managed to save about 3 cherry trees I hope that where overtaken by other trees that outgrew them.

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Next we have the mid august garden. Everything was planted a bit late. I show how the okra transplant went, and they did fine. I wanted to transplant some more but didn’t get time. In these pictures you will see some sun flowers that are doing well, that is until I dropped small tree’s down on two of them. Also you will see an ear of corn, a small cantaloupe, a few small water melons, some small squash. There are other flowers that were planted. The last two weeks have been really wet and mild for August. They have been getting rain showers almost every day. So we have not had to do much irrigation. A tomato worm stripped almost all the tomatoes. We dusted them with 7 dust and now have to wait for more new tomatoes. Last time I was in I had seen that one plant had been stripped, I should have dusted them then. Also one water melon had been munched on by what looks like most likely a terrapin turtle.

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