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This blog has articles written for larrydgray.net and arksoft.org.

Arksoft.org I hope one day might grow up to be a parts store for programmers. I have been studying computer programming since 1984 in my spare time. So I intend to have a Programming category and Java Programing subcategory for programming articles.

larrydgray.net was meant to be a kind of home page with articles and information about things that I am interested in or that I have studied about. A few years ago I begin picking up books about various types of green building. I was looking for a cheaper way to live actually. One thing lead to another. Green building lead to some conventional building topics. That lead to owner building books. Which lead to off-grid living. And then to sustainable living and homesteading.  After reading and reading and reading some more I decided to write web articles about some of these topics to share what I had learned with the world. I also have some other things to write about that happen to be on my mind. For example food and nutrition. And finance or economics.

I intend to provide explanations, information, descriptions, valuable links, list, book recommendations and reviews, and online video links. I will provide a general overview and then point you to the correct sources for further study. I am also giving you my point of view on these topics.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Please leave comments, you must click the article title to access comments. Please stop spamming me with complements though. If its not spam go ahead but otherwise stay away.

How do I write these articles? I base them on head knowledge and brainpower. I research from books, internet, friends, family, forums, chat and every other way I can then compile everything into one article. I only write about things that I’m personally interested in which makes a better article. In other words I don’t decide I want to write a certain article then go research for it. I first research, learn and study, then decide I want to write an article about something I know about.

My images thus far come from several sources. I have an inexpensive and simple to use CAD program called CAD STD. It has a free version. The larger images with black backgrounds are ones that I drew up from that software. Other images I screen capture then annotate in PC Paint. Many images I hot link to from google images. The book cover images I hot link to from Amazon or BN.com.

Within each article I use HTML for list, sub list, definition list and tables mainly. I use image links and links throughout. I have studied HTML and CSS in fairly good detail so I am not afraid to use it.

As for information. Book writers rely on the fact that ideas are not copyrightable, neither are well known facts. What is copyrightable? A given authors presentation. This means you can’t copy paste. You can’t make electronic or photocopies and distribute something. Much info is public domain however. If the idea is my Idea, I usually give myself credit for it by saying so. If I don’t then its probably an idea that I got from somewhere else. I don’t have any guilty conciseness about getting list of well know items from books. I do like to give credit to the great books I’ve read with the recommended books section and even link them to sales sites.

Some books I read cover to cover. If I’ve already read several on one topic I may only skim and speed read a new one on that same topic. If I can find an electronic text for the material I will use a program called TextAloud to read it to me as an MP3 file. I will copy this file to my MP3 player so that I may listen to it several times while driving. I also do this with material that I find as PDF’s and Web pages. I do this with wikipedia as well. Basically if I think I’m going to be stuck anywhere waiting for anything I have book with me that I’m trying to finish off. I get a lot reading done before and after I sit down to meals in restaurants once a day. I have also read books aloud into voice recorder then played that back on mp3 player. I have made voice notes using voice recorder and or software called Audacity and played them back on mp3 player.

I buy many of my books used from online sources or from a book store in Dallas Texas called “Half Priced Books”. This is the largest used book store in America with 50,000ft2 of books, dvds, tapes, records, etc. They keep everything well sorted and categorized. I do buy some new books.

Part of my study is also in the writing of these articles. When you write you learn the subject matter much more thoroughly. Especially when you write for an audience.


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  1. Ronnie

    My friend, Brandon said we have much in common and we should meet. I built an earth bag dome near Russellville, AR to learn how so I can teach it in the Philippines. GBU

    November 10, 2011 at 12:43 am

    • Sure, He told me about you and your earth bags and trip to Philippines, I was wanting to talk with you about the Philippines.

      November 10, 2011 at 10:45 am

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  3. http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2012/08/forget-electric-cars-one-runs-compressed-air/2967/

    car runs 125 miles on a tank of air. has on board compressor or can be filled at a larger compressed air tank. transports 3 passengers.

    August 16, 2012 at 5:44 pm

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