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Small Projects I want to do sometime (todo list)

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When will I get to work on these projects and complete them? Maybe never. At least I have time to make up a list. And these will require funds and tools as well.

  • charcoal maker
  • making activated carbon with salt solution and charcoal maker
  • homemade water filter with both charcoal and ceramic if possible
  • 5 gal charcoal foundry
  • wood gassifier¬† generator
  • steam engine generator
  • vacuum packer from car a/c compressor.
  • freeze dryer from 1/2 horse vacuum pump.
  • auto alternator welder
  • hydrogen welder
  • auto alternator power gen
  • wind powered water pump
  • ram pump
  • program the heat sensors with java and that phigits controller
  • Shaving horse
  • riving horse
  • foot powered wood lathe
  • log arch
  • boring machine
  • test: air cooling with pipes and ground, cost per btu to power fans
  • test: liquid cooling with ground and hand dug wells or other. geothermal. cost per btu to circulate liquid and operate heat exchangers.
  • home made wood cook stove using kwool and steel.
  • cob bread oven
  • brick wood cook stove and oven.
  • setup security system using linux and zone minder software
  • rotary inverter using auto alternator
  • solar oven
  • solar toilet
  • solar powered electric furnace for melting metals.
  • put a motor on a bicycle
  • two man and one man go cart
  • small plywood boats and canoes based on some plans I found on the internet
  • ethanol still
  • methane digester
  • solar water still
  • stove top water still
  • hand water pump single person operation
  • hand water pump larger volume double person operation.
  • solar hot water heater
  • rocket stove
  • rocket mass heater
  • wood drying kiln
  • sand forge
  • micro-hydro power
  • home made battery cells
  • fire piston
  • wood and leather below
  • veggie oil lamp
  • Tallow candles
  • astrolabe
  • soup can propane torch forge